UFO dynamics research


With this assessment I felt I had to do a lot of research and brainstorming before putting anything into practice! I found the resource footage that we were given in class quite helpful and concise. Our teacher made it quite clear the brief and what he expected as the  “client”. This was great as I knew approximately what I needed to work to and achieve by the end of the exercise.

This is some of what I used as reference and research–>

tractor beamNorthern-lights-1x63_aurora_borealis_by_halonacc

This video had some great particle effects that I though would be useful for me in this project! The colors used were also similar to what we needed to do in the brief! I also thought movies such as prometheus would be great reference for particle systems and how they integrate these with animation and live action

This video wasnt as relevant to the project but I thought I could use some of concepts such as the swarmy nature of the particle forming into a shape/person! Thought it was a great idea!


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